IMG_7978-1024x682Engineering Laboratory Building

The faculty of Engineering and Architecture has been established at Salaya and Wangkraikangwon campuses followed the ministry’s law “division of the state sector of Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin” on 28 November 2006. The organization of faculty includes dean’s office, management and planning, academic and student affair, research and academic service at Salaya campus and the faculty office of Wangkraikangwon campus.

In 2012, the faculty of Engineering and Architecture had been separated as the faculty of Engineering and the faculty of Architecture and Design. Now, Deans of these faculties are

  1. Dean of Engineering Faculty

Ratthasak Prommas, Ph.D.

  1. Dean of Architecture and Design Faculty

Saowanit Thongmee

Faculty of Engineering is developed a sequence and continued to produce high performance graduates for entrepreneur. Personnels who have the doctoral degree, are increasing. Classroom and laboratory facilities have developed to adequate number of students increasing every year, with undergraduate courses in fields such as, department of civil engineering, department of telecommunication engineering and department of mechatronics engineering etc. The Faculty has the goal to open 1 curriculums in every year. Furthermore, the Faculty has the goal to open the international student, master and doctoral degree programs as well.

The success of the Faculty of Engineering happen with the cooperation efforts and to the knowledge and experience of both faculty and staff Faculty of Engineering. The faculty has created a network of agreements, technical, or memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the universities and companies. Therefore, The faculty has the opportunity to work out a lot to society.