Vision / Mission


     Practical Engineer Social Entrepreneurship


SMART Engineer
(Skill Moral Ability Research Technology Engineer)


To provide engineers who expertise practically in technology, morality, and professionally for entrepreneurs.


  1. To provide high quality of practical engineers for entrepreneur society.
  2. To create the research, invention, and innovation for public, society, and country.
  3. To provide academic services to increase the potential of public, society, and entrepreneur society.
  4. To encourage art and cultural, environmental conservative, and realize the   importance of  Thai  intellect.
  5. To execute and manage for high quality development.
  6. To develop in – house personnel to be professional.
  7. To increase the capability and potential for national and international competition.
  8. To encourage students and staffs to learn the language and technology.
  9. To utilize technology for effective communication and public relations in organization.

Core Values

Ethic : Produce engineers who have engineering ethics.
Network: Produce engineers who can make collaboration in organization.
Guidance : Produce engineers who have skills in knowledge transfer.
Innovation: Produce engineers who can create innovation.
Norm : Work as a standard learning organization.
Entrepreneur: To produce engineers to serve requirements in entrepreneur.
Excellence : To produce excellent engineers.
Research : To produce excellent engineers who have the skill in research methodology.

Corporate Culture

To provide skillful engineers who have expertise in technology and morality.